The Visual Data Storytelling contest celebrates its seventh year in 2023. This contest aims to encourage students, researchers, and visualization practitioners to demonstrate the value of data visualization through compelling visual data stories and to promote innovative and effective use of data visualization for communication and presentation.

This contest explores the emerging data communication genre, including data storytelling, narrative visualizations, explanatory notebooks, and visual essays. Potential contest entrants are encouraged to review the following events and venues for inspiration. The contest will be held in conjunction with IEEE PacificVis 2023 from April 18-21, 2023 in Seoul, Korea.

Entries from previous contents:

Talks about data-driven storytelling:

PacificVis is a unified visualization symposium welcoming all areas of visualization, such as information, scientific, graph, security, and software visualization. Storytellers are invited to submit visual data-driven stories that draw upon any of these areas. In addition, entries that focus on computational journalism and artistic design projects are encouraged. Unlike contests such as the IEEE VAST challenge or the IEEE SciVis Contest, the data for the PacificVis visual data storytelling contest is intentionally left unspecified; storytellers are free to choose any publicly available dataset(s). Similarly, the task that storytellers are to accomplish is to successfully communicate a message or series of messages (i.e., a narrative, a series of insights) using data visualization techniques. The story's themes can draw from any topic, including current affairs, history, natural disasters, and research findings from the sciences and humanities.

Entries may be submitted by teams or individuals from industry and academia. Conference sponsors can participate non-competitively. Submissions must fulfill the requirements explained below.


Submissions can take several forms:

Other requirements:


Submit online through the new Precision Conference System at the PacificVis 2023 Storytelling Contest track.

If you have chosen to submit a URL (i.e., a website submission or an online version of your video or image submission), please add the URL in the abstract field.

Reviewing and Awards

A jury of visualization and data storytelling experts will carefully judge each submission and make the selection of accepted entries. Successful entries will effectively communicate a narrative, message(s), or insight(s) using visual representations of data. Each judge assigned to a submission will give the submission a score from 1 to 5, and they will be asked the following questions:

Accepted submissions will be published on the PacificVis Storytelling Contest channel on Vimeo. A selected set of accepted entries will receive awards (Honorable Mention and Best Storytelling Awards). Awards will be presented to the winners during the conference.


Submission deadline January 19, 2023 (Thu) February 2, 2023 (Thu)
Notification date February 16, 2023 (Thu) March 2, 2023 (Thu)
Camera-ready submission March 2, 2023 (Thu) March 16, 2023 (Thu)

All dates are midnight PST (Pacific Standard Time).



Name Affiliation
Zhutian Chen Harvard University
Fred Hohman Apple
Oh-Hyun Kwon Apple
Elsie Lee-Robbins University of Michigan
Hyemi Song University of Maryland
Will Sutton Tableau Ambassador | Consultant at The Information Lab
Jonathan Zong Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Contest Chairs

Nam Wook Kim
Boston College, USA

John Thompson
Microsoft Research, USA


Email: pvis_contest@pvis.org